The Borrego Outfitters Rewards Program is our in-house affinity program, designed to encourage and reward our returning customers. Once you’re enrolled, for every $200 of merchandise you purchase in our store, you earn a $10 Reward that can be used on a future sale. We currently have more than 12,000 members in our Rewards Program.

  • You can register for the Rewards Program at the cash register when you check out. There is no charge or fee for the Rewards Program.
  • To register you, we ask for your name, address, phone number and email address, which we enter into our POS (cash register) system. We respect your privacy and will not share your information with anyone outside of Borrego Outfitters. There is no need to carry a card, we look you up by your name and contact information whenever you check out.
  • After you’re registered with us, every time you purchase something, it is added to your accumulated Rewards balance. There is no time limit to accumulate enough to earn a Reward. If you come back next year or the year after, your previous balance remains.
  • The Rewards program is not retroactive, it applies only to purchases made once you have registered. If you declined to register yesterday, then came back today to register, only today’s purchases can be counted.
  • Once your accumulated balance reaches $200 (before tax), our system issues you a $10 Reward and subtracts $200 from your balance. Anything left, that is any amount over $200, rolls over and accumulates towards your next reward.
  • Once earned, there is a 2-day waiting period before the Reward becomes active and can be used. So, if you earn it on a Friday, you can spend it as soon as the following Sunday. After that, the Reward is active for a whole year, at which point it expires. That is, you have one year from earning any Reward to spend it. Our system keeps track of all of this for you.
  • Active Rewards can be used on any purchase of at least $10.00 (before tax) of merchandise or more, including sale or discounted items, however, only 1 reward can be used on any given transaction. If you have multiple Rewards to spend, we’ll help you separate your purchase into multiple transactions ($10.00 or more) so you can use more than 1, if you wish.
  • If you bring in a friend, and they do not wish to enroll in the Rewards program, they can assign their purchase to your Rewards account, helping you to get closer to your next Reward.
  • You may receive periodic emails or postcards from us if you are in our Rewards program. These communications are generated in-house and contain interesting and informative information about events and sales coming up at the store. You may opt out from receiving emails or postcards at any time, while remaining in the Rewards Program. We understand that it is a privilege to communicate with you and we are careful not to abuse it.